Cliively is a digital marketing firm located in Memphis, TN.

What does Cliively mean?

Cliively’s roots are in technology and the way it can bring life to a business. The name derives from two things:

CLI – Command Line Interface – our favorite technology at Cliively & Lively meaning full of life and energy.

Cliively is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in helping small to medium size businesses with their marketing efforts. Although Cliively was founded in 2021, it’s founding member has over 6 years experience in digital marketing.

Cliively’s roots are firmly located in Memphis, TN.

Cliively’s goal is to bring affordable marketing technology businesses.

Cliively’s Mission

If Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, Cliively’s mission is to use the information to drive growth and revenue streams for businesses. Our mission is to get businesses discovered, create value add content,

Cliively harnesses’ digital technology to create brand strategies and digital marketing campaigns. Whether the technology is video, telecommunications, internet, or internet of things, we want to help you reach your customers.

Cliively is goal focused, not vanity metric focused. We don’t believe in a number of numbers sake.

10 AM to 2 PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

We explore new and future ideas (especially technology). If we are not innovating, at least we know the possibilities.

Cliively is steeped in understanding what academic and practical research has to say about digital marketing. We take theories and equate to delivering marketing strategies that can fulfill the client’s needs.

How does technology play a role at Cliively?

Cliively is big on understanding the foundations of technology – the programming languages – that comprise new advances in technology.

Cliively’s Values:

Problem Solver

Cliively believes in facing problems with critical thinking skills, even if the approach to solving the problem is out of the box and beyond extraordinary.


Cliively’s teams focuses on what matters, results. Our team of experts hone in on the issues and find solutions that work best for your business.


Adaptability stands at the core of any successful strategy. Cliively’s team works hard to adapt to the constant changing marketing solutions.


Our team members love what they do. Passion drives creativity and creativity drives innovation.


Enjoy the journey while having fun. Cliively is dedicated to a fun working environment. Fun makes the team feels appreciated and valued.

Continuous Learning

At the heart of growth is the need to know. Cliively drives it’s team members to learn new skills.

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Constant Improvement

The landscape of digital marketing changes all the time. It’s our job to keep keep up with industry trends and apply what we learn on behalf of our clients. We take a unique approach by using interdisciplinary research to create marketing campaigns that speak to your audience.

We take the time to improve and expand our skills beyond just the standard digital marketing territory. Our belief is that our growth will lead to our client’s growth.


Cliively’s goal is to get to the point where it is the innovative standard. Whether that’s testing new marketing methods or creating in house products to get the job done, that’s what innovation means to Cliively.

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