Custom Website Design Memphis

Get away from go-nowhere 2 page websites. Our professional website design agency can create a beautiful mobile friendly website.

Don’t let an outdated website cost you money. Deliver a fast, smooth, slick professional design for customers.

The Internet Is Huge. How does your web design stand out?

The most desirable qualities of a website are dictated by what the website should achieve. Cliively’s web site design experts can help flush out your business needs.

–Cliively Digital Marketing

Building a great custom business website requires planning your business goals and objectives. Layout design is a huge factor to make navigation easier for a website.

Hook em’ with easy to read landing page copy. Lead magnets and call to actions must be prominent to grab attention. Forms need to be accessible and not overly complicated to fill out. Graphics should speak to your target audience.

A business website needs to be flexible enough to respond to ever changing business needs. Putting resources into your website is the most efficient and effective use of your business’s marketing budget.

10 AM to 2 PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

Content Writing & Marketing

Web Design - Content writing

A website design is not complete until it has content. Get well written landing page copy for your new website.

We can handle long form blog post, research intensive topics, white papers, infographics, and lead generation content, and so much more.

Responsive & Adaptive Design

Responsive Web Development

A WordPress theme that incorporates mobile friend responsive web design, critical SEO signals, and killer Page Speed will help get your website ranked better in Search Engines. We use mobile first responsive website designs with modern technologies to catapult your website above your competitors. Websites that have been designed to be mobile friendly can scale from one device size to another. It’s all in the way the website is built.

10 AM to 2 PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

SEO Friendly Website Development

Search Engine Optimized Website Design in Memphis, TN

Do you need a website that has been designed for search engine optimization (SEO)? If your ignored SEO, then we can help get you back on track!

Don’t stop at just the website design. Cliively can create SEO content that speaks to your audience.

Accessible Web Design

According to the CDC, approximately 12 million people 40 years and over in the United States have vision impairment. Don’t ignore accessible web design.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile devices have taken over as the primary way people use the internet. A mobile friendly responsive WordPress theme can give you a unique brand voice to promote your services. A website should be at the center of any marketing strategy.

Full Managed Websites

Managed Web Hosting for Websites

Don’t forget that your website will need to under go periodic maintenance. Your website design is only one part of the equation. Once your website is ready to launch, the critical question becomes what type of web hosting to use. It’s always recommended to go with a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Web Hosing. But we can launch your new website in any web hosting environment of your choosing.

10 AM to 2 PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

Make It Lightening Fast.

Lightening fast website designs by Cliively

With a full managed WordPress website design and VPS, you can add caching (Squid Proxy or Varnish) to help speed up your website even more. Add on a fully managed website package which includes routine maintenance schedules, backups, and no hassle server maintenance. So, no need to worry about updates.

Other Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Full setup of WooCommerce eCommerce store
  • Web hosting available or provide your own
  • Custom domain name (plus setup)
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Social media setup
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Sever Management
  • Video or Audio Transcription

Page Speed Optimized

Pagespeed Optimization - Web Development Memphis

Has page peed caused a high bounce rate?

We can fix most slow loading websites.

Google Search algorithms now use Page Speed as a metric to determine Page Rank. Slow websites will be penalized.

Custom WordPress Themes & Website Design

Custom WordPress Theme Development

A website is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. It provides an interface to showcase products and services. It can also be the center of your lead generation strategy. If your business requires custom CMS development, trust the team at Cliively to get it done.

WordPress Design & Development Agency

Cliively has trusted WordPress developers to help build a custom CMS site. Do you need your website to be a lead generation magnet? We can design around your business use requirements. Simple forms to Learning Management Systems and WooCommerce Integration!

10 AM to 2 PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

Interactive Animated Website Design

Animation can add interactive features such as drag and drop, game style websites and more. Adding animation to a website, can enhance user experience or kill it. Let’s get web animations right!

Header & Banner Design For Landing Pages

Cliively can create custom headers and banners for your website. We can source the right image or graphic for banner.

Areas of Specialization

Corporate Web Development

Corporations are constantly undergoing strategic changes to meet current and future market trends. Our team of experts have 7+ years of corporate web development experience.

Evolving the vision of a website requires knowledge and skills to deliver a superb design that speaks to it’s audience.

Competitor analysis and research helps us understand your website’s current position with customers and search engines. Whether your corporation is re-branding or expanding into a new target audience, Cliively has you covered.

Maybe you have new brand messaging that’s not reflective of your current website. We take front-end design seriously, by applying the latest CSS / HTML code.

100% Customized Podcast

Website Development Get listeners flocking back to your podcasting website! We don’t use drag and drop templates designs. Your new website will be designed based on your podcasting needs. If you are starting a podcast website, get it right the first time. Podcast website design requires you to be able to upload your audio files, provide a custom RSS feeds for Google Podcast, Spotify podcasting, and Apple podcasting. Podcast audio files can be self hosted or we can integrate with any Podcasting Host including Blubrry, Sound Cloud, Anchor, Libsync, and many more!

Our podcasting web design can integrate subscription buttons for each platform. Once you grab your audience’s attention, don’t let it go anywhere but your own branded web site. You need your own custom podcasting website design to monetize with an eCommerce design. Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics works well to capture the data podcasting hosting websites leave out.

10 AM to 2 PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday

Boutique Website Design

Boutique stores located in Memphis require a unique identity that separates it from the big brands. A boutique website must articulate the aesthetics of the store and the products it sells. It’s where brand identity meets the internet. Cliively’s team has extensive knowledge of what small Memphis boutiques need from their website. It’s about driving people to your location, creating a dynamic and shoppable ecommerce store, while seamlessly managing inventory between your Point of Sale and the ecommerce store. A website for a small retail boutique also needs to scale as the business grows, while meeting your customer’s expectations. You cannot create a unique online identity for a boutique without a custom website theme. Go with the people who know boutique website best.

Event Website Design

Big event sites are easy to use to create ticketed sales pages. But if you have found that event website lack luster with promoting your events, it’s time to get on board a custom event website. A website’s event landing pages can rank in search engines just know like the big dogs. If you need an amazing event website, then contact Cliively today. It’s about making a splash event landing page design and getting you noticed.

Artist and Photography Website Design

Best design portfolio websites are a great way to showcase your works of art.

An outdated website cost you money.Period. Corporate brands should be unique. Period. When you look like everybody else, your brand can’t stand out. It’s that simple. Let your new brand vision X-plode with a new website design.

Art is unique and so should our portfolio web site. Stay away from cookie cutter designs.

Self Hosted Video Or On Demand Web Site Development

Video is the new norm and Youtube has taken over. But, your business may not be able to host videos on Youtube due to legal reasons. There are a variety of options for video hosting. Your content doesn’t need live on Youtube to be effective. If you have special business use requirements, we can develop themes that resonate with your employees and people transacting with your business. For example, you need an intranet site with training videos accessible to your current employees, WordPress can handle it. Video has it’s own SEO requirements. Let’s discover how your brand can skyrocket with video.

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