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Organic growth in search engines, like Google, requires savvy and technical skills to make landing pages stand out. A Memphis SEO expert is ready to assist you. Request a no obligation SEO consultation today.


image/svg+xml SEO agencies in Memphis help small businesses stand out online. SEO is a great way to reach your target audience. Search Engine Optimization Memphis

Why Use SEO For Lead Generation?

Most searcher’ never make it past page one of search engine result pages (SERPs). A Memphis SEO firm can help get higher positions in SERPs and improve click through rates to a website. If your business website is not ranking in Google or Bing, it’s time to get serious about Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides an effective and important step in ranking organically in search engines. Both on page and off page optimization can help your website rank higher.

10 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization For Businesses in Memphis

  • Potential to increase search engine ranks to #1 for some keywords.
  • Drive more leads to your website when you are in the top 4 in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).
  • Pay less in Search Engine Marketing cost with owned media (SEO).
  • Better reputation as a trusted and credible authority in your business domain.
  • Increase conversions when you are in the top of Google Search or Bing Search.
  • Google prefers local businesses! Local SEO means more mobile leads (and desktop) users to your business. Content can be optimized to reach a local audience.
  • Reduce bounce rates with a lightening fast website and great content (better user experience).
  • Impact the buying cycle by providing helpful information about your products or service. People research before making purchases, especially expensive items. Get your business or product at the forefront of the customers mind by providing valuable information.
  • SEO firms are knowledgeable about the ever changing best practices in search engine optimization.
  • SEO can help identify keywords that get people to your website, which could lead to increase in sales and leads.

On Page SEO Services – Memphis

As a Memphis SEO agency, Cliively’s services include optimizing key landing page factors including navigational structure, content formats and layouts, implement recommended structure data formats and more.

Ranking for keywords is an important part of SEO. Keyword research an optimizing content for keywords helps get you found. We analyze search data to make informed improvements to your website. We hate guessing.

Search engines hate duplicate content! A SEO audit can find duplicate content and what matters most to your audience. Our team can apply the necessary changes to help key pages rank better in search engine.

Google’s a mobile first search engine, which means a website needs to load fast for mobile devices. Improvements to images, finding missing alt tags, an other issues are part of on-page SEO services.

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image/svg+xml Google Pagespeed Effects SEO Slow loading websites effect your SEO. Huge images, above the fold loading of CSS and JavaScript can increase page speed load times, thereby effecting page speed and ultimately SEO.

Page Speed Scores & Technical SEO

In May 2020, Google threw an extra wrench into SEO- page speed optimization. Google now punishes websites that have slow load times and are not mobile friendly. Neglecting Google’s Page Speed optimization could negatively impact your position in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Step up with a newly designed website that’s up to date with critical page speed factors. Don’t let your SEO suffer.

Correct Issues: Improve SEO By Correcting Google Pagespeed Recommendations

Pagespeed scores under 80? Cliively can work to improve scores and get you into the 90’s or 100%. A perfect pagespeed score of 100 is achievable. However, it won’t be with on page SEO alone.

When it’s time to get into technical SEO, trust that Cliively can work on moving your scores higher.

Technical optimization requires work “under the hood” with areas customers don’t see. These areas have a major impact on how well a website loads.

image/svg+xml Learn how to improve your SEO.

Let Cliively’s Team Search Engine Optimize Your WordPress Website

Our team has extensive knowledge of landing page design, WordPress, and how to make your website faster. Common WordPress site builders have inherited flaws that make SEO extremely difficult. A clean custom WordPress theme can help improve SEO dramatically. If you are switching from Divi WordPress Builder, WPCake, or Elementor, then Cliively can create a new custom theme.

We Handle The Technical Search Engine Optimization Stuff So You Don’t Have To.

Site structure, quality content, and page rendering have a direct effects on SEO. It’s important to get your website’s theme and design right the first time.

Let’s get lost in some of the technical SEO improvements Cliively’s team can do:

  • Lazy loading images and below fold images/content.
  • Defer non-critical JavaScript.
  • Optimize your server (VPS or dedicated only) to load faster.
  • Take care of caching using a number of caching tools (APC, Squid Proxy, Varnish Cache, Memcache, and Redis).
  • Optimizing web server caches (applying caching at the server level).
  • Migrate your website to better hosting (because sometimes, that’s what needed).
  • Implement structured data into your website (Google has this thing called a Knowledge Graph, that surfaces the inter- connected-ness of the web).

Technical Search Engine Optimization requires skills in at least 10 areas. It’s important to work with the right SEO firm. Cliively offers technical SEO to clients in Memphis.


SEO & Keyword Research- Reaching Local Customers In Memphis and Around the World

image/svg+xml SEO Keyword research Don’t skip on keyword research. Cliively Digital Marketing can help you find the right keywords for your service, brand, or business.

Search Engine Optimization thrives on keywords! Content can drive new leads to your business. However, content without proper keyword research will go no where. Cliively can handle the large task of researching and categorizing keywords for any business in Memphis. You can also get additional content suggestions to help create blog post, white papers, or any lead magnet. Whether you need 50 or 10,000 keywords, Cliively can get it done.

If you already have content, but it’s doesn’t have good SEO, then our team can help improve the content with new keywords.

What Is Cliively’s Job In SEO?

Our first goal is driving traffic. The second goal of SEO is get the searcher to remain on the website as long as possible. Effective landing page copy should be easy to scan and read. Important call to actions should stand out and be within 1-2 clicks of conversion actions.


Backlinking – A Critical Missed Step In SEO

Technical SEO and On Page SEO are not complete without two key elements: content and backlinks.

Content writing and marketing are a complete different subject and takes elements from SEO. Things like keyword research, keyword density, and header tags matter to an SEO.

Back links are the another important SEO feature that sometimes gets missed. Backlink are a form of endorsement from another website. A backlink is a link from one web page to someone else’s web page.

The number of backlinks you need for SEO vary greatly depending on the keyword(s) you want to rank for. You may not need any back links if the competition for a keyword is extremely low. If the competition a keyword is high, then you will need a ton of back links (1,000) or more to rank for a keyword. Good keyword research can expose the level of competitiveness of a keyword and how hard it will be to get the keyword to rank in search engines.

There are two types of backlinks: a do follow and no-follow. The more “do-follow” back links a website has the better. But understand back links does not stop there. The domain authority or page rank of a backlink matters. Cliively can discover new backlink opportunities for small businesses in Memphis.

You probably don’t have the time to dedicated to a backlink outreach strategy. That’s where the team at Cliively can assist you. We can do outreach for guest blog posting, media coverage, and other organic backlinking strategies.

Back in the day people used questionable backlink methods to rank higher in Google Search. However, Google’s sophisticated algorithms can determine unnatural verse natural back links. It’s important that the Search Engine Optimization firm you work with in Memphis, understand the different organic methods of getting your website backlinks.


Video SEO

Streaming media channels and websites who self host videos will benefit from Search Engine Optimization. Get your videos found in Google Search. Even if your videos are hosted on Youtube, you will still need to SEO if you embed those videos on your own website. Google wants to attribute your Youtube videos to your website. Make it happen with Video SEO.


Podcasting SEO

Surface all of your content for the web, not just blog post. Podcasting Search Engine Optimization has it’s own feeds and ways to rank in Google. The secret sauce is Google’s own speech to text technology. Speech to text has a bunch of geeky tech terms like Natural Language Processing or NLP and text transformers that you probably don’t want to know about. But, the team at Cliively thrives on understanding the technology advances and how to apply them to SEO.

Turn Your Videos and Podcast Files Into Blog Post – Transcription For SEO

You heard it right! We can take your video content and create unique blog post for your very own website. Text transcription can be used in a number of ways to help improve SEO. Not only that, but video and audio transcription can help improve accessibility of your website. You can even create transcripts for audio ebooks. Now that’s an SEO win!

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