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There are a thousand ways to market a small business online. With digital marketing, it’s about finding the right way for your business. Need to get found today? PPC Marketing can do it. Want a long term incremental approach? Search Engine Optimization is the way to go. Want something unique? Let’s talk about your strategy. Local Memphis area, give us a call at 901-441-7051. National: 1-866-321-3541. Or use the contact form to leave us a message.

How Our Advertising Agency Works

We want to talk with you about your advertising needs. Phase one involves a discovery session to educate us about your business goals. Goals help drive the marketing strategy for long term success.

Phase two involves exploring the marketing channels that fit your business. This is where we create the marketing strategy that will advertise your business to the world.

Phase three continues to build on the momentum of phase two with a delivering the strategy to you. After that we can move forward with your new digital marketing plan.


Pay Per Click Management

Web Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization

Campaigns Built For Conversions

Boost Traffic To Your Business

Find New Leads

Drive User Engagement& So Much More.

Digital Marketing -Memphis

Why Us? Cliively offers digital marketing solutions with results in mind.

We work with you to assist with achieving your goals and grow your business!

Get Back To Your Business – Digital Advertising For Small Businesses (SMB)

Small businesses don’t have the time to manage a digital portfolio. Trust, we have been there. Get your time back and start putting energy towards other parts of your business

Serving Big Brands Too

At Cliively, we can focus on big brands too. B2B businesses, B2C, real estate, large nonprofits with a national footprint

Pivot Your Digital Marketing Strategy With A Flexible Partnership

Whether you are taking your Search Engine Marketing out of house or need to augment your marketing department, Cliively can collaborate with your team on your digital marketing strategy.

What Digital Marketing Can Do For Your Business

Position your business with customers

Getting your brand found is a tough job. Advertising a local small business can be costly if not done correctly. Our experts can help you navigate print placement and your digital ads too. We can market your business based on seasonal demands or for special events. Digital marketing offers several ways to position a brand for maximum effectiveness.

Address challenges with your current marketing strategy that have limited business growth

Businesses produce a ton of data and the team at Cliively loves to dig into all of it. Competitive analysis and market research data can answer some questions. Google Analytics and other analytics programs only offer a view of your website. However, your business data (ecommerce, customer demographics, sales data,etc.) can fill the gaps about your business and brand that traditional digital marketing data misses. This is the power of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Discover new marketing opportunities for brand lift

Each search engine and social media platform differs greatly. A strategy for one may not work the same as another. You need brand assets that are brand and campaign focused, but that are built for each platform.

Branding has to take on a humanistic side and that’s where the team at Cliively meets the client. Branding is not about the logo, but the value your business delivers to people. It’s about finding creative ways to connect your messages to people who will influence and engage with brand. Don’t ever underestimate the digital word of mouth (influencer marketing). Our team can research influencers to find the best fit for your brand.

Memphis Digital Marketing Firm – That Can Drive Local Brand Awareness

Local Search Engine Optimization is real thing. National competitor don’t know the local market, but we do. Brick and mortar businesses can compete with larger brands.Local promotional alternatives can get customers in the door. Get a creative digital marketing plan to drive people to your door-step.

Get Found Today With Paid Marketing

If you need your business found today, paid media is the quickest of all three media types. Cliively’s team can setup Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Contact Cliively today to learn how to get started with SEM.

Create custom branded assets that speak to people

Cliively takes human experiences and behaviors into account when creating a marketing plan. We read research articles for fun. The core tenant of all the research shows that relationship building brings stronger returns on investment. Our goal is to understand your target audience and create campaigns that engage and speak to people.

Optimize digital marketing campaigns that machines love

Google’s a machine we understand. Marketing assets have to satisfy people visually with ques that make people love you. We take Search Engine Best Practices and apply them to your marketing campaigns. At Cliively, we study search engines and the way they work.

Clarify business goals

Our discovery session is not about us promoting our services. It’s a time to listen and comprehend your challenges in advertising and promoting your business. Talk to us we listen. Our goal is to clarify your business goals into an actionable marketing plan. That’s what makes your marketing plan unique.

Open new channels for marketing

Businesses need mutli-channel marketing. Service businesses and brick and mortar stores all have the same problem: finding the marketing channels that will increase their overall revenues. Cliively digs deep to find marketing channels that work.

Launch New Products To A Targeted Audience

Our team can create target videos and images for your product launch. Our creative video editor(s) can take your product and create a video script. We can create B-roll videos, overlays, and custom animation openers that are brand focused. We can also provide video editing for your business.

Where We Serve

We are a small but might digital marketing firm. We work with clients on a national basis. We can work from New York City to Sacramento California (coast to coast).

Digital Marketing Firm With Expertise & Knowledge

Cliively is a woman owned small business in Memphis, TN. Our founder has over 11 years experience with digital marketing. She understands the challenges of owning and operating a business. She believes in delivering the right solution for your business. Contact Cliively Today at 901-441-7051.

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