6 Keyword Mistakes To Avoid with Google Ads

Listen to the 6 mistakes made when using Google Ads for the first time. There will be a video coming soon. So just give some time.


Raw (unedited) Transcription of 6 Keyword Mistakes

Hi guys today, I want to talk about six mistakes that people make with Google Ads when they first start setting up their campaigns. I’m going to say I have been guilty of some of these mistakes or most definitely have been guilty of most of these mistakes when I first started out with google ads.

After spending so much money on the wrong keywords, I quickly learned what’s the right way to do keyword research was and I want to save you guys a little bit of hassle and money when you get ready to set up your ad campaigns or if you’re doing it, if you’re joining some of yourself or you’re getting a professional like me to set them up for you.

These are the six things that you most definitely want to be conscious of when you’re setting up your google ad account.

Mistake #1 Google Ads Keywords – Not Using The Right Keyword Match Types

So the first thing is you have three types of keywords. You have broad match, phrase match, an exact match. As of July 2021 Google eliminated broad match modifier keywords. So they will now serve like phrase match keywords. And so what this means is you’re you only have those three types to choose from when people start saying when they first set their campaigns up. Most people go for broad match keywords and this will target any of the words that you have in that broad match, which means that if you are using a term like cat house, it could when you’re when somebody searches for a cat or a house, it could show up for either one of those terms.

So it’s very broad and what you get, it will have, you will get shown uh for synonyms in the Google search, you will get shown for uh words that probably have nothing to do with your business that you want to eliminate that way early in your ad groups. Find phrase match or exact match keywords that fit your business. So the first mistake that people make using broad match keywords and not using phrase match or exact match keywords for their campaign.

Mistake #2 With Keywords On Google Ads – The Wrong Keywords To Describe Landing Page

The second mistake people make is not using descriptive keywords that fit their business. You want to use very specific keywords and you want to focus the keywords on a specific landing page and we’re gonna talk about that in a few seconds. But why do you want to use very descriptive keywords? Well, if you’re selling multiple products then you don’t want to get caught where you’re using 2000 keywords in a single ad group. It gets messy and you don’t know what product you’re selling for that ad group or that campaign.

Um you want to make sure you keep your campaigns and your ad groups very structured. So the second not using descriptive keywords.

Mistake #3 With Google Ads Keywords – Using Low To No Search Keywords

Um the third thing, the third mistake that people make with their Google Ad account in particular with keywords is that they have, they use keywords for low to no searches. You want to be very particular about this because Google has a minimum and they don’t tell us the minimum or the number of searches that they will serve a keyword. So you need to understand that if a keyword has a very low or no to search that keyword would not serve.

So the way you’re going to be able to tell because when you go add all your keywords to your ad group, Google will say if the keywords are eligible or ineligible to serve and they’re gonna say if they’re ineligible, one of the reasons will be that is ineligible is because they’re very low searches for this particular keyword. So be very wary of that. And you want to eliminate those keywords from your campaigns when you edit ad groups because they don’t serve any purpose.

As a matter of fact no search or low search keywords can bring down your quality score if you leave those keywords in your ad groups. So that’s a tip to eliminate those bad keywords.

Mistake #4 People Make With Keywords – Too Many Keywords

The 4th mistake people make is adding too many keywords to their campaigns or ad groups. You don’t need to add 2000 keywords to an ad group. I would say I would max of a 100 keywords per ad group. Depending on what the particular Ad group is about or what the thing with that ad group is I would say max of 50 because you really don’t need that many keywords when you go over that many keywords and they’re not serving, they’re not doing your your ad group any good.

Again, too many keywords in an ad group bring down quality scores.

Mistake #5 -Ad Groups Keywords Are Not Tight Enough

The 5th mistake that people make with their Google Ad account is not using tightly knit keywords in their ad groups. So say you’re a plumber or you own a beauty salon or you’re in e commerce, let’s just take e commerce.

For example, if you have an ecommerce store and you’re selling women’s clothing and you have a line for dresses and that puts you in your dress is you have eight different styles. But in that one ad group, you’re trying to list every type of dress. You don’t need to do that. What you need to do is if you’re selling a midi dress or body con dress is only create keywords for that body con dress and lead people to a page specifically about body con dresses. Don’t land them to a page about a knit dress because simply they’re not looking for a knit dress.

And if you can get very specific and if you have enough products land them to a very specific page. So if somebody is looking for a blue body con dress or blue body con cut out dress, you want to make sure you’re landing them to the exact spot on your website where they can find that product or group of products to choose from.

This makes your campaign and your ad groups so tightly knit in terms of the keyword strategy. [A tight keyword strategy] will help your quality scores and what nobody really talks about when I watch a lot of these videos is what we call the quality score. The quality scores from from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. And there are three things that the quality score is based on: your ads, the expected click through rate , and they’re [quality score] based on your landing page.

Your landing page has the most weight alone and then at and you’re expected expected click through rate will have the next wait. Okay. So if you can get a landing page with a above average That can easily put you at a seven out of 10 for that keyword and quality scores go into when you’re keywords go up for bid against competitors. And so the person with the highest click through rate, the best bid and all these other little act things that go into the auction, it’s gonna win at top spot.

And so this is a huge mistakes that business make and don’t understand that. Landing pages are important with any Pay Per Click Marketing Strategy . That’s why PPC specialist complain about landing pages. And I said, can I get a specific landing page for the set of keywords? It’s not for my health, it’s for your business. And so if you listen to the advice that I give and fill those landing pages you’re you’re actually giving the user more of what they’re searching for and that’s what google wants are you listening to your customer and what they want and delivering what they want.

Mistake #6 With SEM Keywords – Not Finding The Best Converting Keywords

Okay, so the final thing or the final keyword mistake that people make is believing that every keyword is there money keyword. You want to try to find as much business as possible. But in reality all of your keywords are not going to be your money makers.

You’re gonna have what I’ve heard in the industry and the 80/20 rule that 80% of your key words that you use are going to be crap keywords. People just search and they don’t convert. The other 20% will be the best keywords that you ever have and this will be your money. That will be the ones that make you money.

These are the people that are going to convert they are going to purchase or the keywords that are going to convert best that people actually purchasing products. So if you can find that 20% early on, you can eliminate the other 80% of that wasted ad spend. And really in reality That’s part of my job is I find that 20% that converts best and eliminate the other 80% and it’s very detailed work and if you need assistance or just want to know more about, it email me it’s okay or you can just watch more of the videos as I put them out um I think that’s all I have for you guys today. If you have questions most definitely, you know, we were here just come on and connect with us. Contact Cliively via email.